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Mother Nature
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Mother Nature

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Often I marvel at Mother Nature
And its unique adventures
It has in stock for us
I have to say Mother Nature is the boss
Everyone has DNA-like life experience
Sometimes it can be monotonously intense

But Mother Nature is supreme
And Mother Nature is extreme

Often I ponder on why Mother Nature
Is sporadically insane with jealousy
Committing many a time unspeakable atrocities

Tornados, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
It showers, making its necessary modifications
Tidal waves are its trademark of destruction
Of natural and artificial creations

But Mother Nature always makes up
With multiplication and replication of the living!

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Comments (4)

I like the conclusion of your poem expressing the power of mother nature.
best poem in the earth about mother nature
Nature is both creator and destroyer. It is the father and it is the mother. Great effort.
Love it :) Klee hurling gl for; / bf b’ll/n Lott/b; o web