Mother Of All Perished

Mother of all perished
Mother of all hungry
I feel like I can be a new a new African Mother
With colourless milk
A milk that is full of sugar –though colourless
Mothers with sweet breasts, how sweet are your skin and blood vessels?
Is your skin smooth, are your hearts ready to produce healing milk to your children
I am a mother with passion and tolerance
I wish I could be born again
This place in which I live is a place of hunger and disaster
We are born in worlds of inequalities
My kids are bearing pains of inequalities
Some of my kids are Black and some are White
But they all suck from the similar milk
This milk has miracles
It can make children to speak different languages
This milk can make a child to kill, build, harmonize, and solve complex problems
This milk can be nice, terrible and sometimes it can be test less
A little kid is asleep and dream at night
He is unaware that he is sleeping over those formless African hills
He has no responsibility for querying hunger that he has to face tomorrow
Sleep little one and dream over night
Over those African Hills
But do not forget to ask for rain to fertilize our rocky soils
So that one day the toughest rock will be infiltrated by the rain
The rock will be dismantled and let the sweet flours to bear the colourful flowers that fertilize produce edible seeds
By that we will begin to see life in reality
A life in which people are equal, with memories that works properly.
People with who are truly liberated not only in terms of popular political freedom but also in terms of developing will and desire to share life with other people irrespective of their skin colour, language and race status.
So unto you my African Mothers
Teach your children life sustaining lessons
Stop killing them by imposing discriminating laws
Stop killing him
Stop imparting Apartheid in his mind
Eventually he will grow up to cause tears and phobia to other people
That will cause to remain unequal forever
But all we need is to give a child a life sustaining milk
Milk that will make him to feel willing to work collaboratively with other kids
We shall overcome our skin colour and language diversities.
How I desire to be born again in a new democratic society
This is the new world
Gone are the discriminating colonial rules
No more shall there be one person who is regarded as inferior and get oppressed by the barbaric parasitic racial rules.
The world is shifting beneath the ground
New kind people are emerging and the outdated life forms are not going to be missed.
Gone is discrimination
The rainbow nation is everywhere
Our multicultural societies are going to be amalgamated
A world where different colours unite together
No more strange and fear over barbaric ethnic values
We have been waiting to see the evolution of colourful world but a colourless one
The revolution of colourless kids who shall rule with no fear over skin
The kids who shall scream, dance and jump in their own mother ‘tongues’ without fear
A word in which everywoman is a mother and not Umlungu, White woman or Black Women which arrived in a slave’s ship.
How I miss being a small child these days, I grew up in the world in which these gleeful moments were constrained.
Happy, gleefulness and harmony to this coming new world.


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It is really full of human milk. Great poem. Rich in imagery and style. Wonderfully conceived. Liked it. I rated it 10/10. Please read and rate my poem 'A farmer' on page 1.