Mother Of Civilization

Her voice calm like a
Meditation of life's many troubled
All day's in demonstration unharm
Mother of civilization saying "people from
All races, religions walks of life in
It's strife "It was as the, she was looking
Though spiritual eye's of the present
Long ago "I know why a someone, out of
Every fun, would damage such pretty
Flowers, but in this world, there's lots of
People suffering because they don't understand
Life's process of maturing prior to their
Circumstances mentally, spiritually
Physically, due to modalities, of prayers
Is a power, that comes to all humans invisible
From the highest tower "it's frank, precisely
No bland" mother of civilization.
This isn't the house, Jack built this is my
House it was built, by God. "Many people
Are still grappling with old issues of evil
Random chance, illegal drugs where
Pestilence poverty is rampant. "Ghetto's
To educate young children for part of their
Lifetime their income including "Artificial
Intelligence evil remain with eternal
Question of faith, from a life of poverty
Crime, evil sin at random too unformed
Illiterate minds
In my home, I'm queen, my husband is king and our
Children is gift's from God said Mother of
Civilization ending her conversation.

by Henry Tolliver

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