BU ( / Kerala, India)

Mother Of Silence

I'm the mother bird, sitting guard
To my sleeping little squab of silence.
Outside, the reverberation of the marching army
Of cyclones, gale and barrage.
In this medley, I cry at the utmost of my voice
To keep silence.

I'm fighting with my voice,
My encounter becomes a challenge,
My demand becomes a provocation,
My ultimatum will be their diversion.

My little one is sleeping!
No disturbance!

When it rises from her sleep
I'm sure everything will be calm.
It can soar high to the silvery sky
Of hope, peacefully to the abode of heaven! ! !

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Comments (5)

We all like silence very often, but not always! Unfortunately there is so much cacophony around! Somehow we have to put up with this at the thought that finally we will be wafted into a world of peacefulness! Quite meaningful!
Very beautiful poem... thanks.....
An amazing poem.. The ending is absolutely immaculate . 10
Beautiful write Mam. Silence is needed but not much as you said... Well explained.
No disburbance! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.