Mother's Baby, Daddy's Maybe

Could a mother love and hate her child deep down?
Having little or no choice but to stick around;
When the man can just conveniently skip town?
Is the child a constant reminder that she's been canned?
Or that she can no longer legally wear the wedding band?
Not to speak of no longer having a helping hand;
Could it be that the child looks so much like daddy?
That it make the burden extra hard to carry;
Even if she could find someone else to marry?
Or could it be that the child was simply untimely?
Having been conceived at a time that was most unkindly;
Because she has fallen in love so deeply and so blindly;
Though a mother loves her child and does her best;
Because she gave birth to the child and all the rest;
Couldn't her love sometimes be one hell of a test?

by Rachel Clay

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