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Mother's Day, Everyday
KW (December 5th,1981 / Pasadena)

Mother's Day, Everyday

Poem By Kovan White

The best mom in the world what more can I say
Your happiness alone brightens my day

I know we didn't always see eye to eye
I may not have shown it, but inside I'd cry

My love for you comes second to none
Without you and grandma, I'd surely be done
Because life without you is just no fun
Across the globe for you I'll run

If there were a picture of a strong woman it would be you
Because I don't know how you deal with you-know-who
Seriously I have no clue if the shoe was on the other foot
I have no idea what I would do

You inspire me to do right
So too never see a sad look in your eye, I'll continue the fight
By keeping my head to the sky with you in my sight

For so many kids to be sent your way
Someone must be sending a secret message
The secret is
Just for the kids to pass your way is a blessing

You represent all the good kids that fill the globe
In a perfect world
All the bad kids would have had you to hold
Maybe then they wouldn't walk around being so cold

You know what, you are big-mamma from the old school days
Seems like big-mamma gets no respect here in the modern age
Be patient and relax because soon enough you're going to have the stage
When everyone realizes you're the one to guage
Life on, motherhood on, too children growing up right
You have played apart in every ones' kid surviving the night

I think everyone needs to stand in line
Then get on their knees and thank you
Those who felt they didn't need you
Set sail but didn't make it
Without your patch they were doomed
Because the water soon sank through

That's why I'm taking this time out to personally thank you
For your patch I received
To stop the water from sinking through


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