Mother's Day Special

Mother's day,

single pray,

with double blessing,

from three of your charming rays,

we place all the wishes on the tray,

present to you on the thanksgiving day.

Our gorgeous mom,

you are the blue ribbon one,

age hasn't slowed you,

your passion activates you,

you are living on the brightest hue,

we are really proud of you!

our multi-purpose mom,

you are the energetic one,

working more than nine to five,

earning money to bring us high,

busying from day to the night,

feeding us with all your nutritious-dine,

to share our sorrows and complete our mind,

you swallow all the info to be our guide,

Gosh, you have such a hectic life!

our superb mom,

we are four litle monkey in your life,

we make you high,

let you flying in the sky,

and piss you off,

driving all your adrenaline line,

we are borne to complete your life,

with our presense, everything is right,

share us your shoulders and we lie,

body to body, our hearts collide.

by shee siaw

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