Mother's Hands

Poem By Kay Fernando

These are the hands you loved,
In whose grip content to be
You were, forsaking all else.
Tenderly loving, yet strong;
They guided you through life's throng.

Nurtured you all the day long,
Soothed many a fevered brow,
Calmed many a fretful nerve,
Wiped away many a tear -
Turned your sadness into song.

Shaped what you are now.
Through the darkness or the light,
Like angel wings ever poised;
Aged, still for you they live.

Comments about Mother's Hands

Dear my dearest Grandmother, you are my sunshine and will forever be the light that guides me through my life even tho you are no longer here to hold my hand, as i walk. Thank you will never do justice to the appreciation, i and my whole family has towards you. Thank you for showing me everything i aspire to become in life, you are truely something extraordinary.
Kay, we all dearly missed you already and you have only been gone half a day
Mothers are what hold the world together in such a nice poem as an ode to them.
There is no other love like mothers love.Well written.++10 You may like my poem unconditional love

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