When I hear the whistle
Is like a cannon
Giving the signal for the game to start
A war between warriors
With the a victory on their mind
With the need of surpassing the goalie,
Getting the ball inside the goal
The ball touching the neat
Setting of the crowd
Hearing the screams
Form a thousand miles away

by Jose Santos

Comments (9)

Absolutely captivating! Beautiful
Lamenting of a mother on loss of her baby has been narrated in a superb manner. Though dipped in pain the poem is captivating. Thanks for sharing it here.
yo!!! I feel like dying for this poem. I love this ssssso much
Upon my breast to-night! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Touching every heart poem. Worn out, I sleep; I wake - I weep - I sleep - hush, hush, my dear; Pitiful mother!
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