Mother's Love

I never knew what love is all about
I realized when it was all over
May be the time when she would shout
Those were the moments I would shut my ears
Now I smile when have lost my fears
It is the fear of losing her.

I made all attempts to hold her tight
I wished she would be at my side
Coz I never wished to lose her from my sight
But who could hold the destiny?
Who could listen to the cacophony?
And feel the harmony?
Feel the symphony of the hollow inside?
And accept it as a joyride,
When your muse leave you forever
To unite with her loved ones who parted her
There in the vastness of the space
Receive God's grace!

I yearn to see her smile
I wonder if she would caress me for a while
Feel the warmth of her hug
Feel the joy to see her cross when I refuse the mug
Where she would pour the milk
Clad in silk
So I drink;
Or I would sink.

Now no more she cares for her only child
Who was so wild!
She is no more
Some how I need to reach the shore
Perhaps the thoughts of her love will take me there
Readers with you I can only share.

Dear Readers! will you be my muse
I seek your views.

by Rimni chakravarty

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