016gm16b Chola Mila

ice cream vendor walking the strip
with her roller blades and push cart
twinkles on her hair; sparkles on heel
she doesn't say a word but rings bell
won't take cards nor checks but bills
she smiles for a tip and thanks for nil

child begging for free chase the lady
she's fast for tiny feet; tumble on street
cries heard to a distant beach; alarm
mom came rushing to the scene; late
lady give her klondike bar; soothing
bruises on her knees; just bit of skin

by Manonton Dalan

Comments (3)

Lei, such a heartwarming poem👍👍👍
My light amidst of darkness Brightens my day with happiness The touch of love gets into my soul The greatest gift of all.....a great euology for your dear mother.... yes mothers are great. i lost my mother so i grieve and liked reading your poe, m. thank you dear poet. tony
wow such a great thought and imagination. really great. 10++