CT (May 25th,1995 / )

Mother Superior

Mother superior
A soft example of the mentality running through broken veins of a complex inferior
For a woman is strong, exceeding the physical capabilities of any growing man
Yet through posturing and bravado, here comes the serum allowing a brave new thought
Naive it seems in concept but through practice, it breathes light and enables truth
Foolish reigns proof
There's nothing to prove but lack of cunning proves a downfall
Oh the fear is great, the precipitation upon on the brow causing a fierce thunderstorm contorting a happiness into chaos
Mother superior, Mother Aphrodite
Does it mean father inferior, Father Calamity
Say it isn't so
Are you even in love, are you still together up above
Father Calamity please say words of comfort
Mother Aphrodite sing blessings of wisdom and guidance
Why in this season of merriment and family must everything fall to depression and depravity
Resurrect gravity and let the masses feel the weight of their pointless feuds, their bickering
Place them upon a fire, their troubles and allow them to set it ablaze
A bonfire of cleansing, let it turn blue
Let it be clear, let it turn to gold flecks of life; let it wash them over, let it be
Take a breath, let it in the air
Float for miles, float for years, float down rivers of gentle streams
Cry not tears, cry for days of peace and enlightenment
Cry to the skies for joyous rain, to run with siblings in little puddles
For nothing but pure fun
Covers put on a concert, serenade this
Mother Superior
"Come catch the rabbit, he runs"
For he runs too fast, hitting wall after wall trying to escape
Yet this maze has become just an endless circle, a hole
With the stream turning to a well, water flowing in and he doesn't know how to swim
Mother Superior, Father Exterior
...don't let me drown…
All I've ever wanted was to make you proud…
Have I made you proud...

by Crow thepoet

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