JM (July 1990 / California)


Out of the egg,
brought in the world,
by motherbird.

You started my life,
and now you embrace me,
with love from your mouth,
to mine.

I look down the tree,
and see a far drop,
your gone,
and I need you.

Teach me to spread my wings,
and let me be on my own,
I promise,
your love will never be...

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Rudyard Kipling


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Hail Poet! It is astonishing, amazing work of Art for the Divine Mother's love. It is the Mother nature which foster and nurture our Soul. So giving glorious, pious gratitude is an eternal carnival which is my profound thought. I also adore Mother Earth, where we live and leave our wrath and wrought... either complete.. or incomplete. God Bless you, Thanking you, Yours cordially, n.karthikeyan osho