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Mothering Instinct(For Lyn)
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Mothering Instinct(For Lyn)

Tears...tears well but don't fall.

Bottom lip

Top lip

& just before she can begin
to howl...

...I howl!

I open my mouth
& - bawl!

she stares at my open mouth

with nothing but
sobs coming out.

'I'm...cryin'...'cos...you were..
...gonna...cry! '

I manage to blurt out
(trying not to laugh behind my crocodile tears) .

She climbs up on my lap
(a sturdy little foot on each patella)

wipes my fake tears
away with her hair.

'Ah...Dónall Dónal...not cry! '
'Big boy not cry! Sillly...Dónall cry! '

'Shhhhhhhh! '
she sushes me

kissing a me

of unleashing my four year old's
mothering instinct.l

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As ever, you go straight to the heart of a child...because what they 'know', and what they can verbalize are two different things, but they know so much more than we EVER give credit for! ! A beauty...thanks, Love! !