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Mothers Blues
DG (9/19/1963 / )

Mothers Blues

Mama got beat by the man who said
i do, thats right im the man and you
live by my rules.
Mama would cry as he knocked me
to the floor, thats right im the man
so do your work and dont miss
Mama packed our stuff and thrue it
in a trash bag, then left a note, some times
times you lose and some times you win.
Do you take this man to be your.....
NO, no, no, no.no

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I grow up in a town that looked perfect, the lawns, the cars, the peaple and money was always their.The problem was if you stoped at my stepfathers house, i say this becouse it was his money, you would find plastick smiles and i love you.. And after you left my mom and me would hide in our own corners..waiting for the big bad wolf to strike at any time............