Mothers Love

She will fret about bringing you into this world for the harm it might do,

And when she does she has never had a happier moment in her life,

She will change your dippers and wash your clothes though a horrid job that can be,

She will shout for joy when you take your first step and yell at your dad 'cause he wasn’t there to see,

She will tie your shoes and cry when you get on the bus for the very first time,

She will tell an embarrassing story to your first love and be there for you when you cry because she is gone,

She will tear up on the night of your prom remembering hers and the joy it brought,

She will take pictures of your graduation day,

And wish you the best of luck though hoping you will stay,

This is a mother’s love

I love you mom.

by joseph short

Comments (2)

This poem is great, I really like it because not that many people write poems to their mothers that actually make sense. good job
I LOVE YOU TOO MOM such a beautiful tribute to Mom yeah you should love you mother always carried you in her womb for 9 months nurtured you and loved you all this time made you what you are now ---A+ and 10+++ love anjali