Mothers Prayer Against The Bullies

Poem By Lucy Burrow

She leaves
For another day of
Sharpened claws,
Twisted by opinion,
Bent by pressure
Of all-knowing peers.
Iron fist
Armoured in steel,
Galvanised into action
By thoughtless words
Breathed in an instant
From careless mouths
Dripping with self.
Shattered dreams
By knives of jealousy
Sharpened on
Stones of hearsay,
Hewn from old stories.
like polished steel
Dancing in the sunlight
Oh, bring her home!
Goblet of peace...
with the waters of knowledge
Bring her safely home.

Comments about Mothers Prayer Against The Bullies

Mothers Prayer Against the Bullies-All mothers facing these tortures would bless Lucy for having brought out their feelings open in this poem
This is clearly the voice of experience speaking, here. I hope all turns out well. There is too much of this. great poem. Jon
This poem is spoken from the heart and leaves the reader with some powerful images.
very engaging and powerful. Thanks for your comments, too, Lucy.
We have all felt this at times, when your offspring are out in the big wide world. It's not a pleasant time at all. Sincerely Ernestine. You've captured it well.

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