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Moths In The Crackers
EF (09/11/1955 / Rochester, New York)

Moths In The Crackers

Persistent little insects,
opportunistic visitors,
in their larval or flying form-
cobwebs tell the tale:
something is in residence.

Even super vigilance
doesn’t secure us from
these occasional invasions.

You can accidentally eat some,
or choose to eat around them,
or be so mortally bugged
that crackers and all dry goods
go right out the door.

There’s always some suspicion-
so, you are the first to see signs
in other people’s cupboards.

It’s not just the nightly news
or doctor’s lab reports
that have us on edge-
we fear the microfauna in the kitchen.

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Well Ellen I was suprised to find a Rochester Foos writing poetry to be sure. I found this to be very good and you should never stop creating an image no matter what it is love Billy S.