(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Motown (In Remembrance Of...)

Where are the sounds of Motown now?
That innovative and daring reach to be different!
Nothing today can captivate...
Except Beyoncé who tintillates imaginations!
Taking her creativity to fresh and new dimensions.
Blazing with excitement that awakens,
A dormant void of cookie cutter mass produced
Sameness that lacks snap and crackle!

Where are the sounds of Motown now?
There is no 'beat' today that repeats or come close,
To those Brewster Project folks...
Who toasted all of Detroit back then!
Every released song was a 'gem' it seemed.
Evoked from the mind of Berry Gordy's dream!
And today we listen to celebrated crap!
From 'ghetto stars' who make millions...
Lifting 'originality' tweaked off stolen tracks!

I wish that Motown could come back!
Inspiring with a motivation...
The writers, singers and producers
Holland-Dozier and Holland
Certainly did not lack!
When the sounds of Motown were around,
There seemed to be less crime to be found....
And more hand claps!

I wish that Motown could come back!
Like those things that brought good feelings...
Never to be time-released,
But forever time-capsule trapped!

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Comments (2)

You're the leader of the laundromat, Lawrence! I think the musicians back in those days actually had to perform the songs, not have them digitally stitched-together. It's a theory. Plus, those were better, more hopeful times. I still remember listening to Top-40 on the car-radio. Sweet.
For those who remember and enjoyed the 'Motown Sound'. Even today... there is no other musical 'sound' that can compare to the sparkle and freshness. It is forever fresh and exciting...fourty years or more 'after' it was introduced to the world! Motown is indeed, One of America's Greatest Creations!