Mount Cook

Clouds were low
Smothering the mountain peaks
In damp grey mist.
Blue sky was hidden
So the lake could not
Sparkle with its
Usual intensity.
Without sun
The earth still slept.

Until that moment...

When golden beams
Peeped through
The curtain of clouds
Energising the landscape.
Snow capped summits
Pierced the lingering fog
Their awesome splendour
Breathed life
and vigour
into the surroundings.
Receding clouds
Revealed a mighty glacier
Tinged with blue
sparkling as it absorbed
light from the sun.
Icebergs floated
In silent grey water.

As Great Aoraki
Looked down
On a world
Bathed in glorious colours,
The lake,
Gleamed aquamarine
Once more

by Lindsey Priest

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