Mount Eternity

Mountaineers are scaling Mount Eternity,
wearing boots, of countless illusory days.
Hands to palpate of "Dawn's" first light,
are covered by gloves of determination, that
was sewn, into the style of the day.
Ski caps are made of sand and clay!

Goggles are made of procrastination,
rose colored, to keep today and tomorrow
out, least from reality, they become blind. Now
they're thinking of dangers past, of
tasks left undone behind.

All hang by a safety rope made of
regrets. They're dangling now precariously,
over cliffs, with crevices of dreams, chiseled
by memories, of what use to be.

Pick axes were used, to break the Ice of
HOPE. Now only devastation
the mountaineers will know; Meanwhile,
spectators in the first camp below, safe from
harm's way, spy through binoculars to
see how game of "LIFE", is played!

The mountaineers had communicated by
a wireless. But the wireless was hastily left
behind, when the first snow slide invaded, then
it boggled the Mountaineers' minds!

Would be climbers of MOUNT ETERNITY, man in
all his glory is nothing but a fragile memory
that's made of glass, as
he climbs only a buttered wall, until he
slips, then he falls!"

by Gloria S. Taylor

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