(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Mount Sequoyah

If you’re looking for a special place
Where you could go without delay
It is a wonderful destination
And the perfect place to stay

Overlooking the Ozark Mountains
The beauty is just astounding
If you like to hike it’s perfect too
As you enjoy the historic surroundings

The ancient churches lift your spirit
They take you back a ways
Since it’s a conference and retreat
You might simply stay for days

Perhaps you’ll go like we did, my friend
In the fresh and brilliant fall
Mount Sequoyah with autumn leaves
Is the most beautiful sight of all!

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Comments (3)

I think i need that kind of place for me to rest...nice penning about nature's beauty.a 10! ! !
Shalom-Shalam! I am glad to read a niece piece of work like this.Do keep on writing for all of us to learn from you.Bye. Edward Kofi Louis
this sounds like a perfect place for me. i have been looking for a retreat for long. lovely poem Marilyn. where is it? 10your poem also has the serenity of the mount Sequoyah