Mountain Girl

She came from
the land
where peasants live
up high
on the mountain hills

led by the deem light
of a foreign- star
she came quietly
from afar

green pastures
she left behind
thinking happiness
would be her new-find

her arrival marked
in the gold- granules of sand
with sense of adventure
in the newfound- land

not a celebrity, nor...
a spy,
her eyes have found
a Western Sky

and just...
like minutes fit into hours
her dreams- also
hold power

but it is
sad songs she sings
of love lost
that has no wings

when the sky
becomes to sharp in color
it is the pain she calls her

as if hers was
the heart of stone
this dreamer is all

wake her not
if she sleeps
must be her heart that now

in an embrace
stretch your arms
she's missing her village
and the snowflakes
on her palms


by Silvana Krculic

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