Mountain Laurel

She is like mountain laurel, a breath of fresh air,
a bird on the wing, or a flower so rare,
like the dew on the grass, at mornings first light,
aurora borealis on a early fall night,
like a dolphin, on a calm summer sea,
the eighth wonder of the world
is what she is too me,
her natural beauty, thrills this loving man,
and I want her with me all that I can,
she is a whipoorwill calling, in evening time,
like a star falling, in the moonshine,
she is the sunshine on the new fallen snow,
she is a natural beauty, because I say so.

written by Harry Bryant
9/8/02 9: 14: 10 PM ©

by Harry Bryant

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This is a nice poem....'she is a natural beauty, because I say so.' What a unique ending! Thank you...