Mountain Love

The lonely young eagle high in the blue
looked down at the nature where he flew
the royal bird saw the snowdrop in the snow
he saw the white flower and fell in love
he wanted to hold the beauty to his breast
he wanted to kiss her and take her to his nest
he flew over her every night
when the moon was shining softly and bright
he whispered I wish I could sing
there he flew in the cold early spring.
One day his love the snowdrop was gone
the hill became green the summer was on
God, feared his heart will break and die
he called the eagle and asked: Why
next spring she will bloom in the mountain snow
and the stars will hum for you the snowdrop's love
stop your sorrow, fly happy over the mountain stream
while you are waiting for your next spring: Dream
you wonderful snowdrop in the snow are my pleasure
but you young eagle God said: you are my treasure.

by Gerd Darner

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