Mountain Romance



She stands there on their mountain, with dew drops in her hair,
thinking about her man, hoping he would soon be there,
then she sees him coming far across the glen,
with a perky smile she wonders where he has been,
soon he is beside her, a smile upon his face,
he knows that deep in his heart, he is standing in his place,
he has brought a flower one that is very rare,
he reaches up and entwines it, with the dew drops in her hair,
her heart is racing wildly, and time is standing still,
she wonders if he will kiss her, and hopes that he will,
he takes her in his arms and holds her oh so tight,
she has no other thought than this feels so right,
with their lips together, the passion in their eyes,
they both know they are on a trip, right up to paradise,
the sun shines so brightly, the birds they sing along,
with the thoughts they are thinking, they hear their favorite song,
the music is their heart strings, playing for them alone,
they slowly walk up trail, to their mountain home,
they know the time has come, for them to do their dance,
so they listen to the music of their sweet romance,
holding each other tightly they waltz across the floor,
still hearing their own sweet music, their passion starts too soar,
many hours later with their passion gone,
they lie beside each other and still they hear their song,
with smiles on their faces, and a lightness in their heart,
they remember all their embraces, knowing they will never part.

written by Harry Bryant
11/1/04 1: 32: 24 AM �
all rights reserved
By Habry

© 2005 Habry (All rights reserved)

by Harry Bryant

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