Mountain Rose

On my way to the mountain
I met a lonely lovely rose
Hiding in the midst of the bushes
She smiled and said 'good morning'
I said great morning sweet rose
So wonderful and charming you are
She danced and said 'come near me'
I said you have so invigorating fragrance
She said 'come touch me my dear'
I said 'Oh', how beautiful your touch?
She said 'hug me, I am lonely'
I got closer and closer.
I picked her from her branch
She said 'Oh you killed me darling'
Her petals dew were her tears
I sighed 'no, what I have done'?
She sighed and faintly said
'Do not cry'
Wipe your misty eyes dear
The lives of roses are short
I looked at her with sorrow
I kissed her and hugged her
and said 'Oh' my rose, goodbye

by Sherif Monem

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I liked the whole idea of this poem... Imagination; -) Poems that are different and don't follow the mainstream of others. Well done, I love the title as well it brings a lovely picture to mind