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Mountain So Tall

In the distance rises a familiar sight.
Mountain so tall that birds fear flight.
Its silloute against grey winter skies.
Mountain so tall that fills my eyes.

You cannot count trees among its peaks.
Heaven it reaches and heaven it seeks.
This costly journey I have slowly treked.
Years of wisdom strapped onto my back.

Snow will lay hard and packed with ice.
This cannot be done I've thought more than twice.
Reaching the summit and down the other side.
Mountain so tall and miles so wide.

No great loss will come to this place.
Its granite mistakes are so hard to face.
Mountain so tall with no end in sight.
Mountain so tall you need not care nor fight.

Mountain so tall just help me come down.
Amoung the many who lay at your ground.
Mountain so tall, yes too big for my own.
Too weak for the weary and those looking for home.

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