Mourner - Μοιρολογητής

Poem By Kostas Lagos

A priest who doesn't want to chant

A spider denying its web to spin

A poet who dislikes the words he writes

A turtle that its own shell it breakes

A singer who hates his songs

A bird trying to rip its wings off

A sculptor who can't stand looking at the rock

A snake swallowing its venom

A slave avoidinghis freedom

A dragon breathing smoke of a fire extinct

Let me be, let me live

Let me rest in peace

Ιερέας που δεν θέλει να ψάλλει

Αράχνη που αρνείται τον ιστό της να υφάνει

Ποιητής που τις λέξεις του αντιπαθεί

Χελώνα που το καβούκι της να σπάσει προσπαθεί

Τραγουδιστής που τα τραγούδια του μισεί

Πουλί που τα φτερά του ξεριζώνει με πυγμή

Γλύπτης που δεν αντέχει τον βράχο να κοιτά

Φίδι που το δηλητήριό του καταπίνει συριχτά

Σκλάβος τη λευτεριά του π' αποφεύγει

Δράκος που με σβησμένη τη φωτιά του απομένει

Αφήστε με να υπάρχω, αφήστε με να ζω

Αφήστε με εν ειρήνη κάποτε ν' αναπαυθώ

Comments about Mourner - Μοιρολογητής

Deep, meaningful and elegant..10++++
To everyone who read, commented or rated this poem, a big " thank you"
A wonderful poem beautifully crafted and well executed. On to my Poem List.
A poem of great depth. A unique write and theme that only a few minds can weave. Yes, there are some of us that cannot co exist with themselves. Those that cannot feel the wonders of existence. And what is life when we despise the very foundation of existence? A life that has no meaning at all tantamounts to death.
Excellent. Profound and deep in wisdom. Two thumbs up.

4,6 out of 5
11 total ratings

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