Sadness fills my heart because you & I are so far apart.
I never said goodbye,
I never said I'm sorry.
I see you in my dreams now,
It only makes me miss you more.
I'm always trying to find you, but rarely do.
If I do find you,
it's for a second or two.

Why did you have to go?
Why you?

I will never understand why you were taken from us.
I just want to hear your voice.
Your laughter still echoes in my mind,
Like a tape stuck on rewind,
trying so hard to find that one song.
The one that stays stuck in my mind for days at a time.
Am I just a lost soul who will never learn to let go?
I pray that you will come down from these so-called heavens to visit,
to check on me,
to see how much you meant to me.
You're gone now,
But, sometimes I feel you here.
Tears pour down my face,
I try to keep breathing,
I try to keep you near.
A lumps in my throat & guilt in my gut cause I love someone else,
Yet I will always love you, you will always be in my heart.
Some would say I'm lucky to have even experienced love so strong,
Even if at the time our love was wrong,
I know now the love I have for you will forever live on.
It's been 9 months now.
They say it can take up to a year to get over losing someone so dear,
Losing the memories is what I most fear.

I can still see you in the rear view watching me as I drive away,
who would of thought after that day you'd be taken away.

Sometimes I think you knew.
Do you remember our talks?
Most importantly, are you happy where you are?

I keep trying to find the right way,
the right words to end this to you.
They just won't come.
So maybe there is no way to end this,
maybe that's not what's intended.
So for now, I'll sit back enjoying life's ride,
hoping someday we will meet up again,
on the other side.

by Sadie Jane

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A heartfelt piece, can feel you mourn with your words, and am sorry for your loss... may that love stay with you, I hear you get to take it with you on the other side. Hugs, Lee