Mourning Dove

one day
of new snow
a lone gray-brown dove
swoops in for a swallow

unlike most birds
it drinks
without lifting its head
with nary a blink
of beady black eyes
on legs red-pink
the dove does drink

after having its fill
the dove does rest
beneath nearby white pine
my hands did plant
15 years past

as frozen crystals swirl
deeper the dove walks
beneath pine bough -
a shield
from above
for one lone dove

I watch
the slender figure
nestle down
into leaves brown
pulling them
with tiny beak
lovingly close
one by one
for comfort
from cold

feeling warm
and safe from harm
in home
of the moment
its tired eyes
slowly close

I watch
this symbol of peace
and wonder
of its mourning song
sung for the world
each morning

by William E. Marks

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