Mourning Mist

Poem By Jordan Jacobs

The shadow emerging from the morning mist
Raises inside of me a storm
Of anger and sadness
That swirls in me like a tornado
Reminding me of the sorrows of my past
Of the sadness in my future
The loneliness of my life
That cuts like a blade
Deep into my soul
Opening old wounds
That spring forth blood
That reflect my isolated state
Reflecting the darkness of my soul
The shadow of my heart
The Evil inside
Reaching to come out
To make itself known
To be free to attack once again
To drag someone else with it
Into the endless dark pit of my

Comments about Mourning Mist

Gods, this is good... Driving, fervent, insistent... It grabs the attention and holds until the final, dying chord has played. Excellent writing on display here. Warmest Regards, Eliza Stine
Oh, is it powerful! I love your word choice and the form is interesting. It's dark, but lovely. Xs and Os

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