SB (06/02/1959 / Calcutta)

Mourning Soul

You closed your eyes sewed with the stitches
Of demise.
No earthly power can reopen your glued eyes.
Everything was moving and throbbing around me
In the universe except your lifeless body, a corpse!
Noise of the nature mingled with that of human
could not enter my ears; my ears were eager to hear
meaningless jabbering generated from your lips
tightened with the gelatinized adhesive of death that
no mundane chemical can dissolve!
I wept a deluge of teats to wash the feet of the death
to have his mercy to revive my son with the nectar
theelixir of life.
Ruthless death turned down my sobbing request and
left the place accompanied by his retinues.
The moon and the stars wept with me!
The wind was sobbing to share my sorrow.
The ripples of the river stopped dancing to
sympathize with my balefulness!
Some cruel hands snatched my son ' s lifeless body
to burn on the flaming pyre.
I swooned and morose woes covered my consciousness
with a dark blanket of temporary oblivion.

Could not enter my ears; my ears were eager to
hear muttering generated from your placid lips tightened
with the knot of devilish death.
I jerked your motionless body to feel the exuberance of
life listlessly ebullient with warm liveliness.

by Sujoy Bhattacharya

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