Mouth To Ear

From the beginning
before there was
pen before the
beginning there was
no ink it was so

Before there were scribes
for ignorant kings words
from mouth written down
it was so

Before there was paper
or that of clay there were
still people of knowledge
I know this
was so

No reed of papyrus
no ink to flow
tablets of clay
even that much
you know

Knowledge still possessed
by men
knew not of clay
that bound them
this you know

Tribes scattered all across
known world
China middle East Tibet Japan
Central America it matters not
no written form to communicate
it was so

Come he the Elder for each
they do know
keep this child safe
that much they did know
for all of the wisdom
and that of the law
was passed forth from the
Elder to that of a child
it was so

Of knowledge the word of
wisdom and law
the manner you
treat one another

To you do I ask
should this
be not so

by Uloia Norris Moore

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