TR (1989 -? / denison tx)

Move It Life Goes On! ! ! ! ! ! !

life goes on
with or without you
so stop 'crying'
and get over yourself
your getting left behind
shit happends
but you got to keep 'living'
dont let shit hold you back
cause before you know it
you'll be living out of a sack
show people your better than this
and that their vulgar ways
wont hold you back
so stop your 'crying'
and keep 'living'
cause life goes on
with or with out you! ! ! ! ! !

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Comments (1)

Good poem! However, it would be better if you would omit the word '_ hit' and inser in its place the word 'stuff', and if you would change the word 'your' to 'you're', and if you would inser an apostrophe where you have omitted the ending 'g' letter from the words 'crying' and 'living'. Also, you should change the word 'volgar' to 'vulgar'. I suggest you edit your poem and make these changes, and it will be a much better poem. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Hardy Parkerson, Atty. Lake Charles, LA