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Move On

stePpinG 4waRd FrOm thE pAst
Is likE clOsinG A sTory Book
That tooK mY hEart aWaY
and FooL mY bRain To fEigN.
fRom thE EnorMous sTorM thaT wE Had
To thiS bIzzaRe PeacE sKy thAt i sTaiRe
Yes it iS noT eAsy tO facE thE soRroW and PaiN
bUt yEt it iS mY sTrengh anD pOweR to thIs dAy 4warD
SunsEt iS neaR, anD thE moOn wIll ArIse.
FeEl mY heART BeaTinG liKE a cAlm SeA
HapPyneSs hAs fiLLed iT..
Coz yEsterDay iS a meMorY..
I knOw wE cAn mOve oN w/0 eaCh other
I wiLL FacE mY DestIny
And you Can Use Yours..
iF somHow We sEe eachother
Juzt smiLe and plz.... talK to me
liKe weRe jUz frnds B4....We moVe oN

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Did you write this poem funny or have I been drinking again? I think I enjoyed some of the lines, I'll know better once my head stops bouncing like one of those dogs that sit in the back car window.