Move Them From This Classroom

That assignment may be a little too harsh.
It's impractical to believe these children will succeed!
This is a 'Social Studies' class, Mrs. Worthington.
And as your principal...
I am demanding you keep to the curriculum,
And not challenge these students to uncover
Something that is unattainable!
This, I tell you, can not and will not be achieved!

'IF we are expecting these children to be leaders
Of a brighter tomorrow...
They must learn today to use all tools necessary,
To research from existing standards and values!
I do not think what I have presented is impossible! '


You are expecting these children to re-invent the wheel!
We are only here to pass them from grade to grade...
HOPEFULLY with a little science and math under their belts!
You will teach basic studies OR you will find yourself,
Out of a job!
Is that clear, Mrs. Worthington?
That 'No Child Left Behind' business means just that!
Move them from this classroom...
To the next!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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larry! ur gonna be hunted down with this verse' ~NAME THREE PLACES WHERE TRUTH IS OBSERVED BEING CONDUCTED~ it is enuf to get you a bullet (do u really want that?) praise too u man! keep it up!