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Moveing On
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Moveing On

Poem By annabelle ruiz

I’m moving on leaving you behind
This is the end no more looking back this time
We had are good times but now their all over
And really doubt we’ll work out when were older
Theirs time I still wonder if u know what u want
But all that does to me is make my life a living hell and just the thought haunts
But to you the ageing pain is jealousy that taunts
You’ve replayed saying are love is fading away
But my understand it wont ever but instead stay the same
Its sucks to see this go down the drain
After so many times I’ve prayed
Your doing thing that you know is wrong and that are bad for you
It’s been hard seeing you fall, but IV been strong even after knowing theirs nothing I can do
I wanna be here for you so you can have someone to come running to
I’ve prayed so many times for you to change
But it seems you are in to deep and your own mistakes r rapping you in a chain
But until you hit a point of no return is the day you will change your ways
And when you do it will be too late
Cause I’m done with you in my life
Theirs no turning back because the faze I had for you I’m finally getting through
And this time I’m over you
Cause I found someone new
And maybe he wont take for granted the times I say I love you

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