The hands of a clock never go backward;
Time unerringly moves forward.
A baby's first steps bring joy
To parents, whether girl or boy.
The hummingbird's wings frantically beating
Do not interfere with its eating.
The sensuous sway of dancing couples gives pleasure to the eye
While birds swirl at leisure in the deep blue sky.
At moving-van's destination we wonder
As it passes, its engine pounding like thunder
And all the other transports as they speed,
At their size we take great heed.
Ripples on the water flow
As the breezes waft them to and fro.
Watch as the symphony conductor's hand
Swings the baton above the band.
The flag that waves in the breeze
Is a sight that always should please
These are some things we see everyday
Whether at work or at play
No conscious thoughts are given to movement or sway
Until they are taken away.

by Frieda Hulquist

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