RM (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Movie Rental

Teen crush turned True Love
Spending these last few nights saying thanks god for sending this one below
And when I look now, I see the skies above
Are pissing down on me

I won't be part of your summer notch
And you must learn even the hottest flames go soft
So if you treat me the wrong way
You ain't going to see the next day

These screams over the phone the way you pushed my hand to your
Ways you drove me to the infirmary this way
wood pecker is playing my tune 'cept I'm cutting skin
And if you keep treating me this way, I'll be cutting yours
Bed Shakes the world quakes and I know I should't of trust you

Like flames across the sky, just for one secoud you were mine
Now I'm going to make your skin my casket
Flakeing skin and promise rings are the past and your're dead
Untreated scars Holy rain on our walls, I'll kill you all

Wicked reminder to bless my sneeze
when I'm sticking a gun under your nose
And when, Baby, When you ask me please
I'm going to say I told you so

Holler, Scream if you please but I'm telling you to treat me better
Becuase I'm going to use your blood in all my letters
I'm going to use your skull as a ashtray
And when I am done, when all of you is away
I'm going to dig it all up and use it again

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