PS (April,10,1991 / )

Movie Scene

My movie scene,
You created my life a movie scene.

You left me here, i'm seas apart from you,
Your in the country of women and sex,
There's no way to reach you -
You didn't leave your number.

I see your lips on hers,
When I know they should be kissing mine,
I see your hands holding hers,
And, baby, I know they should be holding my hands,
As we walk this journey together,
I see her head resting on your chest, and falls asleep,
I'm wishing on a shooting star to be her.

Sweetheart I didn't love you so you'd be like this,
I didn't give you my heart so you could throw it away,
I can throw my own heart away,
I don't need anyone to do that.
I don't need anyone to break it,
I can break it too.

They say I should stop loving you,
They say I should leave you,
They say, say, and say.

When you speak,
You speak about dreams,
How killing it is to know that..
In reality, you and I will never be.

This is our movie scene,
One day, baby, you'll be thinking about me,
While they will be laying me underground,
In a box, with black roses..

Can you turn my black roses red?
You've said 'Yes, I will'
Baby you killed all the roses,

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