JGA (16 December 1943 / Nottingham)

Moving Again?

The time for Moving is here again,
When I'll have to leave this Flat,
My Mood full of gloom and despondency,
My Move ~ I don't fancy that.

Where will I go? ~ Will I find what I need?
The thoughts they fill my Mind,
In two month's time I'll have to go,
This World is so unkind.

Renting one's Home is a temporary way
To live one's Life on Earth,
For Landlords wish to more profit make,
For their Investments to have some worth.

I now have two great tasks in hand,
To find accommodation and more work.
Both now are important things to do,
And from their urgency I'll not shirk.

Letters for work must go out this week,
Estate Agencies I've seen,
Will my efforts bring success soon?
Or will still living in London become a dream?

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