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Moving In The Wild Valley
TV (17.05.71 / Cochin, Kerala state, India)

Moving In The Wild Valley

I walk slowly in this valley
White glistening sand kiss my bare feet
wind so soothening
touch my face as if in a kiss
and murmer something
which I could not
Beyond this valley
is there a wild bush
with beings not so friendly?
will they bite my legs
and encircle me
to choke me to death?
Even on this valley as I walk and walk
I dont find a human sound or smiling face
Is there no human here?
no smiles and no laugh?
Or the bush ahead have small dwellings?
will they come out of the houses
smiling at me?
Or they will come to me with knives carefully hidden in the back
with a smile cunning
to disarm me
and make me a nice flesh and body for their knife
to go deep
and they may take out the knife
and smile seeing the red blood falling
in drops and drops
What if I do not fall with those knives?
what if none of those doors open for me?
What if my thirst and hunger make me fall on the white sand
and in my tired sleep
I start dreaming of
white sheep coming in bunches
near me
and those sheep rub their soft
white hairs slowly on my body
till i feel the heat
going deep into my
hungry body
for life

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