Moving On

I took my dad's car today to visit some
of my friends before I leave this community
for good.
So many things I remember on the way. My
first bike accident. I still have the scars on
my face.
There that big white house where that
German Sheppard chased my friends and I.
The tree we managed to escape to.
I don't think we laughed so hard in our
entire lives.
My friends so many I've made and so many
I've lost along the way.
We all agreed that one day after
graduation we would leave home
and start our lives somewhere else.
But we were never to forget where we
came from. Sunnyville.
So many have already left. They're
doing great their parents tell me.
They seem very proud and sad as well.
I remember when I thought I'd be in
Sunnyville forever.
Actually, sixteen years feels like forever.
When I graduated I was so happy.
The first in my family, but I was sad too.
I knew it was time for me to figure out
what direction I wanted my life to go in.
So many sacrifices I had to make and
obstacles I had to overcome.
Now today I'm the mother of a
three-year-old beautiful girl and my
career still undecided.
It's one-thirty my bus leaves at four o'clock.
Going to say goodbye to my friends.
Evergreen Cemetary so many times
I've come here to say goodbye
with tears of pain,
today I come to say goodbye
with tears of joy.

by Gero Lorna

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