(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

Moving On

I am no longer here
So please don't look for me
I just realized
That I needed to go

Because throughout the years
I felt my sanity fade
So then I stood up
And I said no more

Its time for me to be free
That's right I'm moving on
So don't come looking for me
Because I'm already gone

Sorry I disappeared
But I do hate goodbyes
You'd try to stop me
And I couldn't stand if you cried

So now I'm on the road
No more boring and sad life
I'm done being that old me
Maybe someday it'll be the new me you see

So many things to do
I have to get started
But the first step I take
Will be out that door

Don't come looking for me
The old me is gone
The only thing that remains
Is the fact he wrote this song

So now I'm moving on
Yes, now I moving on
Aren't you glad I'm moving on
Now I'm moving on

Moving on.....

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