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Moving On.....
FF (1-22-94 / kenya, africa)

Moving On.....

Poem By Faduma Fiasco

whats a family without
what is faith without
whom from
makes me wonder what all of this is
we're stupid right why wont you listen to us kids?
maybe if you listened to us once in a while
we'll give you more than this here smile :)
you say talk to me, walk with me, are you listening 2 me?
the matter of the fact is how can we can we hear
screaming, yelling always going on, must we be deaf?
grades failing we see nothing more than a F! ! ! ! !
therapist says relax be calm when was the last time you talked to your mom?
last night I say we talked it all out
tried to figure out what this stress is all about
divorce does this to you he says that's for sure
I sit quietly thinking can there be a cure?
Well communication that's the key cant you see wat this divorce is doing to you?
And stop thinking about this at school
life does this to you I say I dont wanna
move on!
I never wanted this to happen between my dad and mom!
Well look at the brightside your parents aren't arguing anymore
yea, i say they're looking happier
how selfish i was I say, thinking about myself 24/7
shame on me i say to myself
damn, it looks like im the one that needs help!
It doesnt matter where you are love is to infinity and beyond
just remember we all need to move on! ! ! !

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Damn gurl You must really feel sad about.....You know.... But im glad ur happy and u still got them both ;) luvzz ya gurll