Sun In A Jar

I put the sun in a jar
And set it next to my computer
It made me happy almost always
When I was working
To look at that jar

Sometime later I forgot about it
My girlfriend gave me the moon
And that jar I set on the other side
I would look at it too

While I wrote or went on social media
You know how it is

I got used to that one eventually

A friend of mine had a friend
Who had the last rhino in a jar
Somehow they got a hold of it
And I ended up with it
It stayed there for a long time
After they moved back to Washington

It sat there next to the moon
And when I moved back to Washington eventually too
I put all the jars in a box
And I haven't seen them since

I could show you
But they're in storage
Not too romantic

(I guess there's no moral to this)

by Mark Nichols

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sometimes we explore in other area or place to seek our own satisfaction... nice theme, great write...thanks