KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

Moving On

It has been a long time,
since I began this story,
This life has been, a sordid glory
As I have aged. I've learned a few,
Useful lessons, some old, some new.
My time to nurture, has come to pass,
Each day I yearn, to take a chance.
Ever solid, ever true, ever strong and never grew
I stand sometimes and hold so still,
I dream of things, that I want still,
not things that glitter, glow or shine
But something I miss, something mine.
I need to travel, far away,
there is so much I need to say,
so many things that I must do,
the wind is calling me. I must leave you.
Thank you for all you have done.
I love you still but we are not one.
Maybe when I go away, you can understand,
why I could not stay.
I'm moving on, to distance places,
brand new scenes and friendly faces.
I do not know if I'll return,
but always know
as you made me learn, deep down inside
I always yearn

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sometimes we explore in other area or place to seek our own satisfaction... nice theme, great write...thanks