CA (January 02,1962 / Lagos, Nigeria)

Moving On (A Poem For Ijeoma Rita Obu)

Millions of minutes
swiftly spent at this stop
countless mementos garnered on the stay.

On the move
I now must be,
as another earthly station beckons for my time.

Veering the ship of destiny
along its charted course
to its expected port,

Incessant bellows:
winds of fearful opinions
will not put out my sail.

Navigating nautical miles
through terrains unseen,
the Presence of the Holy One will be my silent companion.

Grace for this voyage
provided eons ago
will steer the helm.

Overtures, beautiful symphonies
accompany this voyage
to trigger sweet memoirs to

Numb the pains,
sour memories
unwelcome on this trip.

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