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Mow My Grass
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Mow My Grass

Looking out my window, I almost got caught
Neighbors mowing their grass, but mine I have not,
They then cut the neighbors lawn right across the street
Just because she is a widow, elderly and sweet.

Sweet Carolyn won't you please cut my grass
So, I won't have to get off my tired, lazy ass,
My neighbors are beginning to stare and complain
And it doesn't even look like it's gonna rain.
It think that it's 110 degrees here in the shade
For your help, I have cried, and then asked, and prayed,
I can't stand this humidity, or this ungodly heat
So, could you please come and cut my grass, my sweet.
Everywhere that I peer I see a cut, immaculate lawn
I think they started mowing grass, in the early dawn,
They have also mowed the lawn of our neighbor as well
The aroma of that cut grass, it I can already smell.

Your yard and another's you have already mowed
And unlike my mower, yours isn't pushed, but is road,
I'll buy you a dinner and I'll give you a card
So, sweet Carolyn, won't you please mow my yard.

Randy L. McClave

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