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Mowing Grass
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Mowing Grass

I pay people to mow my lawn
So, I can stretch out in my chair and yawn,
I would rather see someone else perform that tedious task
While out in the sun, I can bask.

Pushing that lawn mower I have no joy
To me it's just a staying busy, sweating ploy,
I would much rather see someone else mow and sweat
And knowing and feeling that, I feel or hold no regret.

The work isn't complicated or at all hard
I just hate cutting the grass in mine or any yard,
Even though in the Bible somewhere it is wrote
"Hard work prevents laziness", which is a quote.

I hate the grass cuttings flying into my nose
I hate it when they attach to my shoes and my clothes,
In grass cutting there in no grandeur or any leisure
Someone else to mow my lawn, now that gives me my pleasure.

In the heat of the sun I do not want to perspire
That's why mowing my grass someone is always for hire,
I will feel that way until the day that I die
That truthful statement, people who cut my grass will verify.

I try to follow the teachings of my Lord Jesus Christ
For me to make it to Heaven is what Jesus had sacrificed,
But, if I were sent to Hell the Devil would surely laugh
He'd make all of Hell a lawn, and have me mow its grass.

Randy L. McClave

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